Sports Rehabilitation – A helping hand for sports injuries

Sports rehabilitation is a highly skilled profession providing a holistic approach to assessing and treating people recovering from orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disorders or injuries arising from sport and physical activity.

Common problems that Sports Rehabilitation can help with are:
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Hamstring strains
Knee problems
Shin splints
Calf strains
Achilles pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Post Surgery Rehabilitation
Injury Prevention

Sports Rehabilitation focuses on treating and preventing sporting injuries, utilising techniques such as massage, stretching, specific muscle re-education, hydrotherapy and exercise to optimise health, fitness and performance. The aim of sports rehabilitation is to restore normal function and to help the individual to attain their full fitness potential and competitive capabilities in their chosen activity, whatever their level.
This is achieved by providing an individualised and tailored treatment plan incorporating a range of relevant and specifically tailored intervention strategies for the individual’s sport and needs … from the city worker, average jogger to the professional athlete.
Sports rehabilitation incorporates cutting edge rehabilitation techniques to help people participate in their chosen activity. Therefore, in addition to the treatment of injuries, sports rehabilitators can carry out pre-session checks on athletes to identify, treat and strengthen any weak areas before  injuries occur, and also conduct regular check-ups to maintain optimum performance.

Problems such as:
Muscle imbalances
Previous injuries
Poor balance
Hyper mobility
General muscular aches and pains can all be exacerbated by taking up a new activity, which may hinder your participation or progression and increases your risk of injury. Sports Rehabilitation can help.