Dr Aggie Moreno-Lopez

The Tunbridge Clinic Staff portraits October 2016

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience in the NHS working

with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families presenting with a wide

range   of   difficulties   including   low mood   and   depression,   low   self   esteem,

anxiety   and   phobias,   trauma,   OCD,   stress-related   difficulties,   behavioural

problems,   developmental   disorders   (such as ADHD   and ASD),   family   and

relationship difficulties. I use an integrative approach to therapy drawing on a

number   of   evidence-based   therapies   including:   Cognitive   Behavioural

Therapy   (CBT),   Systemic   Family   Therapy   and   Psychodynamic


Academic background

Following   a   5-year   undergraduate   degree   in   Psychology   at   Staffordshire

University and Universidad de Valencia (Spain) I completed a Doctorate in

Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) at Canterbury Christchurch University and

qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2008.


I   am   an   accredited   member   of   the   British   Psychological   Society   (BPS),

Chartered   Psychologist,   member   of   the   Faculty of   Learning   Disability,   full

member of the Division of Clinical Psychology, and an approved member of

the regulatory body, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


I   am   a   regular   guest   lecturer   and   part   of   the   selection   committee   at   the

Doctoral course in Clinical Psychology (Salomons) at Canterbury Christchurch

University.   I   am   a   clinical   supervisor   of   doctoral   students   completing   their

Clinical Psychology training.


Individual Therapy

I am a compassionate, and empathic person always nurturing the strengths

and   resilience   of   my   clients   and   tailoring   my   interventions   to   my   client’s

individual needs and goals. Whether, you would like to improve   your well-

being through guided self-discovery to build a more positive outlook of life or

need support through a difficult life stage, I can provide you with valuable

tools to cope with the challenges sometimes life throws at us.


Family therapy

I can offer a safe, supportive and reflective space in which families can begin

to explore solutions to the difficulties and make positive changes at their own



Some of the issues I regularly work with are listed below:

  • Parenting issues with all age groups
  • Couple and marital difficulties
  • Issues relating to divorce or separation
  • Impact of disability or mental health difficulties in a family member


Child and Adolescent Therapy

In my NHS and independent practice, I have vast experience working with

children   and   young   people   (with   and   without   learning   difficulties)   who

experience   social,   emotional   and   behavioural   difficulties.   I   have   specialist

knowledge and expertise in developmental conditions i.e. Autistic Spectrum

condition and its assessment, diagnosis and management.


An area of interest is working with children and young people with chronic

physical   health   conditions   to   enhance   medical   treatment   compliance,

psychological adjustment and coping.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information. I

would love to talk with you