Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is the practice of supporting clients to enhance psychological wellbeing. Clinical Psychologists work with clients across the lifespan (from children and families, to adults and older adults) who are experiencing either mental or physical health difficulties that are impacting on their ability to get on with their day to day lives and achieve their potential.

Clinical Psychologists are trained in a range of therapeutic approaches and models including

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT),
• Systemic Family Therapy,
• Narrative Therapy,
• Solution Focused Therapy,
• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

They usually specialise in work with one age group e.g. children and families.

Clinical Psychologists can work independently or within the NHS. The breadth of knowledge and skills developed across years of training and post qualification practice enables them to assess be the most appropriate intervention for each individual client. We are able to provide comprehensive assessments with a view to providing the most appropriate treatment.

Our Clinical Psychologists are happy to answer any questions you may have about the profession or their areas of clinical specialism.

Dr Ruth Drake

Dr Aggie Lopez