Chris Worsfold – Physiotherapy

Chris Worsfold, MSc, PostGradDipManPhys, MCSP, MMACP

Chris is an Advanced Musculoskeletal Practitioner Physiotherapist and a Senior Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire. He teaches internationally and has over 30 years experience of managing pain disorders. 

He has a special interest in neck pain, lower back pain, whiplash injury and headaches including migraine. From a sporting perspective he has a special interest in tendon rehabilitation (eg elbow, shoulder and Achilles problems) and knee pain (anterior knee pain and knee arthritis) and in the past he has worked closely with Tonbridge Juddians Rugby Club and the runners from Tonbridge Athletics Club.

Chris Worsfold discussing whiplash injury on BBC's 'Claimed and Shamed'.

Chris Worsfold discussing Whiplash Injury on BBC’s ‘Claimed and Shamed’.

He uses an approach that is based on sound scientific evidence combined with many years of clinical practice combining joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, injection therapy and sports specific rehabilitation. He has worked alongside Dr Jeremy Lewis, one of the world’s leading tendon rehabilitation experts.

He is a popular and in-demand public speaker and very regularly presents his work to students, health professionals and lawyers at schools, NHS Hospitals and national conferences. He also lectures on University Post Graduate Master’s Degree course seminars.

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Chris Worsfold gives evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Whiplash Injury.

He is frequently called as an expert witness in Court cases involving substandard Physiotherapy and possible clinical negligence. In 2013 he was invited to give evidence in Parliament to the Transport Select Committee and was one of eight members of the Ministry of Justice Whiplash Reform Working Party in 2014 tasked by the Government with improving the whiplash medico-legal reporting system. He continues to publish his work in peer reviewed journals. He is married and has three children. He enjoys time with the family, scrambling in Snowdonia, meditating and playing acoustic guitar.

Media appearances include BBC1, BBC2, BBC Parliament and BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Kent:

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Kent Neck Pain Centre

Kent Neck Pain Centre is a physiotherapy clinic specialising in the treatment of neck pain, whiplash injury, headache and trapped nerves. Kent Neck Pain Centre was set up by Chris Worsfold in 2010. Patients attend from all over the UK.

Kent Neck Pain Centre specialises in the treatment of the following:

  • Postural neck pain, for example, from computer use or stress related
  • Longstanding and recurring neck pain
  • Whiplash injury from car accidents or sport
  • Trapped nerves in the neck
  • Headaches including migraine

The clinical assessment might include:

  • An in depth history of your problem
  • Measurement of your neck stiffness and neck strength
  • Measurement of tenderness around your neck
  • Assessment of the mobility and sensitivity of your nerves
  • Special tests of movement control of your neck
  • Assessment of your balance (some people with neck problems also suffer poor balance)

Chris will devise a treatment plan tailored to your specific problem. Treatment consists of a tailor made exercise program consisting of:

  • Exercises to effectively strengthen weak muscles around the neck
  • Exercises to reduce the sensitivity of the neck area.
  • Exercises to improve balance and reaction times of the neck muscles.

Treatment may also include ‘hands on’ soft tissue and spinal joint techniques to reduce pain and make exercising easier and more comfortable. The emphasis remains on what you can do to help yourself. Your exercises will be sent to you by email with full colour pictures and video to ensure you are performing them correctly.