Aromatherapy and Reflexology

• Increases blood and lymph flow which aids the delivery of desired nutrients and oxygen to the skin and hair, plus speeds the removal of waste products plus stimulates the immune system.
• Relaxes muscle and nerve fibres which aids relief of muscle tension and fatigue, plus increases flexibility.
• Stimulates the release of endorphins which help relieve stress and elevates mood.

• Benefits of aromatherapy massage include all those of a relaxation massage as well as the individual properties of the oils which, when applied to the skin are absorbed into the blood stream. These effects are numerous, from antiviral to antidepressant.
• Oils are chosen and blended for the individual and applied to the skin during a full body massage.

• Involves finger pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, which each correspond to an area or organ of the body.
• Stimulates the body’s energies to heal itself and helps to ease stress and tension.
• Improves nerve and blood supplies, which enables the body to overcome inflammation and congestion.

Reflexology to help with lymphatic drainage is also offered. This helps with lymphoedema.

Indian Head Massage
• Your shoulders, neck and upper arms will be massaged followed by your scalp and face, this helps to ease the stress and tension, improves blood and nerve supply to these areas and improves hair and scalp condition.
• There is a choice between an oils to skin treatment or an over clothes treatment which is carried out in a chair.

Nicky Winter